Abby Abby

“City Chic” with Abby was shot by Alan Anar and published on 120905. “Wearing her fitted jeans and spaghetti-strapped top that hug her breathtaking curves perfectly, Abby is one smoldering brunette you definetly want to spend time with.”
“Desert Doll” with Abby was shot by Alan Anar and published on 120725. “Like a delicate desert rose that thrives even in the harshest condition, Abby’s beauty is in full bloom with her smooth, fair skin, delightfullu puffy nipples, and sexy, svelte legs.”

The Life Erotic’s Model Abby aka Anastasia, Ekaterina Parcheli, Leyla, Nadin, Nassa, Nastia, Nastiya, Nastya, Nastya I. and Sylvia A. is from the Ukraine.

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