Ada A.

Ada A in Ada A & Lena L in Ada A in Ada A & Sasha I in Ada A in Ada A & Dariya A in

Ada A. from the Ukraine is also known as Ada, Anne, Julia, Julia Flo, Julya G, lovely anne, Ulla and Ulya.

Set Names:
Ada A: “Renaissance” by Goncharov: “The cure for a stuffy office is a timid young blonde model and taking away her clothes.”
Ada A & Lena L: “Pied A Terre” by Goncharov: “Ada and Ulya show us what good girls really do behind closed doors.”
Ada A: “Stilius” by Max Asolo: “Ada�s body art is in all the right places on her soft blonde frame.”
Ada A & Sasha I: “Xellias” by Goncharov: “Two upper class ladies strip off their panties for an exciting tea party.”
Ada A: “Kelinasi” by Goncharov: “Thin and elegant princess prances around the house.”
Ada A & Dariya A: “Sensuelles” by Goncharov: “Two European models have fun in a bubble and wash away each others sins.”

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