Aurika A.

Aurika A Nude in Luck Aurika A Nude in Nimisan Anita B & Aurika A Nude in Petali Aurika A Nude in Telakrin Aurika A Nude in Galan Anita B & Aurika A Nude in Glamour+ Aurika A Nude in Presenting Aurika

Luck: “Asian woman removes all clothing and gets down to business.” Date: 080801
Nimisan: “Aurika has peppy breasts and an ass you want to spank.” Date: 080304
Petali: “Aurika and Anita are very dirty girls.” Date: 071027
Telakrin: “Exotic Aurika goes out to the tennis court and plays with her oranges and puffy nipples.” Date: 070821
Galan: “Steamy Asian bombshell blows up the set with her hotness.” Date: 070703
Glamour+: “Two super hot models stripping, kissing and touching on a leather couch.” Date: 061025
Presenting Aurika: “Dark featured model with intense look has a sensual wet series.” Date: 060930

AKA: Aurika , Aurika A

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