Liza B.

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Oyet: “Cool and fun-loving chick Liza B showing off her delcious puffy breasts and scrumptious pussy.” Date: 141211
Sommigo: “Sultry goddesses Inga C and Liza B cupping and caressing each other’s luscious body” Date: 140703
Stanica: “Liza B and Inga C in sultry hot series, both clad in thigh-high fishnet stockings” Date: 140403
Pumila: “Liza B’s butt-hugging panty showcasing her cute butt and long legs” Date: 140227
Nydalli: “Liza B flaunts her sexy body in nothing but a see through top” Date: 140213
Polere: “Elegant blonde Liza B shows off her long sexy legs and tan wearing nothing except black stilettos” Date: 131219
Palenie: “Liza is a seductive beauty with erotic sex appeal that loves to display her smoking hot body in front of the camera.” Date: 130627
Relevo: “Liza showcases her seductive allure and smoking hot body as she poses eroticaly in the outdoors.” Date: 130523
Favorito: “Liza B gets wet and dirty on the beach” Date: 130418
Daucina: “Absolutely stunning beach babe Liza shows off her awesome physique and perky, tight assets as she frolics on the sand and water.” Date: 130321
Foreplay: “Liza is alone at home and her tempting smile is like an invitation for you to join her in bed. After stripping off her snugly-fit panty, she poses seductively, showing off her supermodel body and enviable assets.” Date: 130228
Ganbara: “This smoking hot blonde girl named Liza will blow you away with her sexy eyes and seductive body” Date: 121129
Folgende: “Veronika F and Liza B sinfully play together” Date: 121115
Theros: “Liza B and her amazingly toned, athletic body in full showcase by the pool” Date: 120809
Korito: “Highly-stylized poses accentuate Liza’s alluring beauty as she strips off her bright yellow swimsuit to take a dip into the bright blue water of the pool.” Date: 120628
Tigris: “Liza B wrapped in an animal-print scarf that accentuates her raw, sultry appeal.” Date: 120531
Influer: “Liza B showcases her seductive allure and smoking hot body as she poses eroticaly in front of the camera.” Date: 120215
Lubika: “Liza B is a seductive beauty with erotic sex appeal that loves to display her smoking hot body in front of the camera.” Date: 120101
Trittico: “Three gorgeous goddess in one hot, fiery series.” Date: 120101
Desiderio: “Two smoking hot blondes making out in the bathtub.” Date: 110928
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Soon: “Raunchy, erotic interaction between two lusty blondes.” Date: 110716
Touches: “Passionately lusty blondes in a sizzling hot girl-on-girl action.” Date: 110419
Kalaris: “” Date: 110122
30 Days: “” Date: 101221
Light: “Out on the yacht with not one but two amazing girls tall and elegant and naked and clean shaven. ” Date: 100828
Dominia: “Super sexy girl on all fours with another sexy brunette over her with a heel in her back.” Date: 100807
Galateo: “Liza and Anna sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G, first comes love then comes grinding then comes the best.” Date: 100724
Sapphica: “Two mean blonde models get it on as each tries to dominate the other and spank the other.” Date: 100717
Warm: “Liza is a fan favorite, she looks younger each time you see her, tight petite sexy frame.” Date: 100626
Encounters: “Rolling together and touching each other, gets these hot models hotter, they are kissing and more.” Date: 100504
Temptations: “Liza on the beach and letting the sun touch her gorgeous body , warming her nude essence to a golden brown.” Date: 100417
Kigher: “Pulling hair in the rough sex session with 2 top models and some lights and hands that grip the others asses.” Date: 100406
Contessina: “Liza is a timeless beauty with a smooth ass all tanned and creamy , oh she is pretty everywhere too.” Date: 100323
Fever: “Liza is back as the ageless blonde with a firm petite body and fun panties she pulls all the way down.” Date: 100227
Figureas: “Never get enough Liza who has the lean body , blue eyes, and blonde hair pulled tight.” Date: 090929
Guarda: “Two extremely hot models gives us the show of a lifetime, fondling and kissing every little cranny.” Date: 090905
Desideri: “Kissing and snuggling and grabbing each other makes these girls forget they are in front of the camera.” Date: 090718
Exposias: “Liza has not had a good month with the stock market, she needs to show her best assets which is her perfect ass.” Date: 090630
Duette: “Super stars Jenya and Liza are sometimes too hot for the camera but not for you.” Date: 090606
Celebrities: “High end model with endless sexy looks gets a great set out in the log cabin of love.” Date: 090324
Pushed: “Photographers dream shoot with Jenya and Liza mounting each other for an hour or more.” Date: 090120
Gratious: “Pro Liza has many shoot and knows how to show all delicate flesh in the best ways.” Date: 081209
Runian: “Looking like a Greek goddess Liza is on the top of the world and everyone is looking up to.” Date: 081011
Ulikas: “Blonde and beautiful Liza has a trim build and budding nipples on small firm breasts.” Date: 080909
Maya: “This model was most popular in High school and still is today.” Date: 080801
Linear: “Playing and poking between two super models who forget the camera is going.” Date: 080714
Odalische: “Freshly grown supermodels are ready to be picked in the garden.” Date: 080705
Maui: “Long time model who never looks bad is out on the dock waiting for her ship to come in” Date: 080628
Amori: “One blonde and one brunette in the log cabin just getting down and dirty.” Date: 080621
Erogea: “Liza does it every time we let her show off her sensual body.” Date: 080517
Fierezza: “Liza is so beautiful it is scary how good she is.” Date: 080419
Yaternia: “Experienced model teaches the young girl all tricks in this wonderful video.” Date: 080315
Girrixia: “Two young models play a tricky game of fondling that someone must win.” Date: 080301
Trittico: “Mega set of three of the most popular models ever.” Date: 080202
Feticisme: “Playing with each others body and all parts start with the toes.” Date: 080115
Sempris: “Steaming embraces are all over this set with two super models.” Date: 071229
Iximas: “Fan favorite and hard body Liza does dazzling shoot out side on the rocks.” Date: 070626
Irriverent: “Always a powerhouse, Liza displays her petite wilds to the world.” Date: 070320
Lubika: “Glamour is in the air as Liza shows class with smoldering hot body and poses.” Date: 070303
Takeia: “Liza is sleek and sophisticated, she has such a toned smooth body you never get enough.” Date: 070227
Eternia: “Silky blonde with pigtails and a toned body on vacation.” Date: 061205
Turmaline: “Blonde with her hair pulled back tight to match her tight body and tight ass.” Date: 061031
Absoluta: “Blonde haired Liza out in the driveway with black stockings and everything nice.” Date: 061022
Allanias: “Thin blonde in little white and pink panties has a great photoshoot.” Date: 061014
Melange: “Professional blonde model cranks out another fantastic series.” Date: 060721

AKA: Elli K, Liza, Liza B, Liza K

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