Natalia B.

Natalia B Nude in Marmol Natalia B Nude in Paisaje Natalia B & Sirenia A Nude in Presenting Sirenia A Natalia B Nude in Nakt Natalia B Nude in Hydroplane Natalia B Nude in Inverni Natalia B Nude in Hellika Natalia B Nude in Coralis Natalia B Nude in Wave Natalia B Nude in Uncover Natalia B Nude in Evoking Natalia B Nude in Montana Natalia B Nude in Valianx Natalia B Nude in Bodypaint Ii Natalia B Nude in Missaris Natalia B Nude in Lorik Natalia B Nude in Mariner Natalia B Nude in Leben

Marmol: “Pale smooth complexion, curvy body contrasting against dark wooden furniture with hard, defined edges.” Date: 111214
Paisaje: “Fresh, naturally beautiful blonde unihibitedly naked amidst a dry grassland.” Date: 111102
Presenting Sirenia A: “An exciting debut featuring two lusty models.” Date: 110409
Nakt: “” Date: 100928
Hydroplane: “Flying high with an all nude water beauty, this is a fun set.” Date: 090922
Inverni: “Russian girls who has everything like perfect bodies, fur coats, and long blonde hair don't like cloths to slow them down.” Date: 090530
Hellika: “Country blonde with blue eyes and a heart the size of Texas gets down and dirty in the hay, and naked as a J bird.” Date: 090418
Coralis: “Wild woman who loves to travel and be pampered and hates clothes that slow her down.” Date: 081230
Wave: “Calendar girls are hard to find, but we have a young blonde you will want to see all year long.” Date: 081125
Uncover: “Spirited youth wearing pink for a little while on the beach tanning up her white saucy ass.” Date: 081014
Evoking: “This model will get your heart racing and blood flowing.” Date: 080927
Montana: “Very earthy set with slim model out in wild in just tall boots.” Date: 080209
Valianx: “This slender model is going to have a cold ass but a pretty one.” Date: 071222
Bodypaint Ii: “Fashion shoot meets body paint meets nude expression.” Date: 070623
Missaris: “Skinny dipping in the pool is so much fun when school is out.” Date: 070317
Lorik: “Playing outside in a skimpy outfit is not enough for Natalia, she craves adventure.” Date: 070116
Mariner: “Navy girl with cute outfit and officers hat soon come off and show us the glory.” Date: 060920
Leben: “Natalia is so happy away from the city, where she can play in the open completely nude.” Date: 060909

AKA: Alena H , Cassie , Diana , Galina , Jose , Lia , Nata , Natali , Natalia , Natalia B , Natalia D , Natalia V , Nataliya , Nataly , Nataly Orosz , Natalya , Natasha , Natashka , Nathalie , Natka , Nicole V , Orosz , Sasha , Sasha D , Sasha F , Sasha G , Sasha R

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