Samantha Fallon

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Plaid Mini: “Samantha Fallon channels a sexy school girl in her white top and plaid skirt. She takes it off and out came her juicy melons, slim physique and smooth coochie.” Date: 200618
Ball of Yarn: “Pretty Samantha Fallon is in the nude, entangled her body in a ball of yarn. She flings her toes up in the air giving an open view to her shaved coochie and slim figure.” Date: 200430
Sailing Dream: “Samantha Fallon looks cute in a sexy uniform. She strips down on the white sofa to show off her smooth pussy.” Date: 200123
Table Top: “Samantha Fallon goes naked on the table. She takes off her bra and denim shorts posing on the table and chair.” Date: 191128
Milk Bath: “Samantha Fallon goes nude on a bench then drenches her slender body with milk.” Date: 191121
Presenting Samantha Fallon: “New model Samantha Fallon poses naked without any hint of inhibition.” Date: 190919

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