Serena Wood

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Trimmed: “Serena Wood alluringly gakes off her crop top and black undies. She uncover her bumtastic figure and trimmed coochie.” Date: 200402
Filming: “Serena Wood flirtatiously play with a videocorder and decides to give a glimpse of her trimmed pussy.” Date: 200227
Classic Studio: “Curly brunette Serena Wood is posing in a studio with a white background and red lace lingerie.” Date: 200130
Cheer: “Serena Wood is enjoying the holidays just wearing a bonnet, scarf and thigh high stockings.” Date: 191219
Floral Dress: “Serena Wood is bottomless on the bed. She poses to show off her manicured pussy.” Date: 191212
Wild Dress: “Curly haired Serena Wood accentuates her big butt and beautiful breasts as she poses in the living room.” Date: 191114
Braided: “Serena Wood bares her smooth, creamy body as she playfully poses against the gorgeous scenery.” Date: 190808
Subtly Sexy: “Gorgeous Serena Wood strips her pink panty outdoors, baring her smooth, pink pussy.” Date: 190627
Musical Fantasy: “Serena Wood erotically strips her white dress as she shows off her delectable body by the piano.” Date: 190530
Confident: “Serena Wood strips her kinky, red bikini as she flaunts her creamy body and small pussy.” Date: 190523
In Lace: “Serena Wood strips her black lingerie as she bares her yummy, trimmed pussy.” Date: 190404
Original: “Serena Wood’s smooth porcelain skin, shaved muff, and erect nipples stand out against the verdant background” Date: 190228
Beauty, Lights, Action!: “Beautiful Serena Wood sensually strips in front of the mirror.” Date: 190124
Season’s Greetings: “Alluring Serena Wood shows off her perky tits and sweet pussy on the bed.” Date: 181213
Staircase: “Serena Wood sensually strips on the stairs as she bares her creamy body and pink pussy.” Date: 181122
Scenery & Beauty: “Gorgeous Serena Wood displays her creamy body and sweet cherry outdoors.” Date: 181025
Regal: “Serena Wood displays her creamy, white body as she strips her sexy bikini.” Date: 180927
Hine: “Serena Wood sensually poses by the Christmas tree as she bares her trimmed pussy.” Date: 171214
Alame: “Serena Wood sensually strips on the sofa baring her smooth, pink pussy.” Date: 170504
Fodel: “Serena Wood displays her delectable body and yummy pussy on the carpet floor.” Date: 170316
Jateen: “Serena Wood strips her sexy tights showing off her shaved pussy on the chair.” Date: 170223
Karemn: “Gorgeous Serena Wood sensually strips on the field.” Date: 170208
Pazale: “Serena Wood strips outdoors showing off her plump pussy.” Date: 161215
Thelly: “Serena Wood displays her delectable body on the bed.” Date: 161110
Newtie: “Serena Wood strips on the bed baring her delectable body.” Date: 161013
Rayto: “Serena Wood shows off her gorgeous body and beautiful tits” Date: 160915
Arruca: “Serena Wood bares her meaty ass and pink, plump pussy as she poses on the sofa.” Date: 160728
Mesile: “Serena Wood displays her sexy, naked body and smooth, pink pussy as she poses on the chair.” Date: 160623
Lasena: “Serena Wood strips in the living room as she bares her sexy body and sweet, pink pussy.” Date: 160505
Bollize: “Serena Wood shows off her gorgeous, sexy body and she sensually poses by the rocks.” Date: 160324
Semila: “Serena Wood bares her puffy tits and sweet, pink pussy as she poses on the sofa.” Date: 160225
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Kaldesa: “Alluring Serena Wood erotically poses in the outdoors as she bares her gorgeous body and pink pussy.” Date: 151210
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Fantima: “Beautiful Serena Wood bares her sexy, creamy body with pink puffy nipples and delectable pussy as she poses in the grass.” Date: 150910
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Domanta: “Serena Wood confidently poses by the stairs as she strips her sexy dress and bares her smooth creamy body and delectable pussy.” Date: 150521
Etinda: “Gorgeous Serena Wood takes off her clothes to showcase her smooth body with fair complexion, delightfully erect nipples, slim waist, and exquisite snatch.” Date: 150416
Esena: “Young and uninhinbited, angelic-faced Serena Wood eagerly showcases her pink succulent snatch and firm ass. ” Date: 150305
Carave: “With fun, naughty personality, can-do attitude, and a hot body to boot, Serena Wood makes a perfect outdoor babe.” Date: 141218
Xylo: “Fun, confident, and carefree, with the morning sun shining down on her naked body, Serena Wood playfully poses with a green inflatable by the pool.” Date: 140918
Presenting Serena Wood: “Stunning and captivating Serena Wood is not shy in front of the camera. A beautiful body and face to behold.” Date: 140626

AKA: Amanda , Amelia , Anna , Doria A , Elivira F , Savanna , Savanna A , Serena , Serena J , Serena Wood , Sharlotta

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